You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about All Pro Exhaust and General Repair:

I called him up because I was in the area and had some extra time and had been putting off getting my exhaust leak fixed. He took me 30 minutes after I called and fixed it all right in front of me in about 5 minutes. The guy knows what he's doing. Doesn't rip you off or do anything unnecessary. Would recommend!

Joshua M.

Honest, reliable, best mechanic in town.

Tom G.

Throwback to the days when garages just fixed cars - no fancy waiting rooms (I sat in an unused service bay while waiting) no 'service writer' or all the other junk that just runs up the cost... Instead, fast, good service that focuses on fixing the problem, while keeping the cost reasonable by only fixing what needs fixing. Other shops wanted to replace the entire system for BIG bucks - here he just replaced the rotted out areas of the system, keeping the still sound pipes, and the stainless steel muffler, for a very reasonable charge... STRONG RECOMMENDATION!

Thompas J.

Very few places like this are still around. Fast service. Fixes the problem without creating a big costly job like many other places around / the big chains. I've used All Pro Exhaust for many years now. Highly recommend. Very affordable!

Sean C.